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L’Oréal Groupe Partners with Esperance Tjaltjraak to Rejuvenate Indigenous Lands

L'Oréal Groupe Partners with Esperance Tjaltjraak to Rejuvenate Indigenous Lands

L’Oréal Groupe Australia and New Zealand embarks on a transformative journey of environmental and social stewardship by joining forces with Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation for the Rejuvenation trees: Healing Country Together project. L’Oréal Groupe Partners with Esperance Tjaltjraak to Rejuvenate Indigenous Lands

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in L’Oréal’s commitment to sustainability and reconciliation, as it pledges support for land and biodiversity restoration in Kardutjaanup, Western Australia. Under this initiative, L’Oréal Groupe will fund the planting of 65,000 trees on degraded land, spanning nearly 4,000 hectares, to revitalize ecosystems and create on-country employment opportunities for the Wudjari Nyungar people.

Marnie Carroll, Chief Corporate Affairs and Engagement Officer at L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand, expressed pride in aligning with an organization dedicated to cultural preservation and environmental stewardship. She emphasized the project’s resonance with L’Oréal’s commitment to nature regeneration and reconciliation.

The partnership not only aims to restore biodiversity but also fosters economic self-determination for Indigenous communities by providing long-term income streams through landscape rejuvenation, carbon sequestration, and regenerative agriculture. By empowering Traditional Owners to reclaim their custodial responsibilities and rejuvenate their ancestral lands, the project embodies the spirit of Healing Country Together.

Gail Reynolds-Adamson, representing Esperance Tjaltjraak Native Title Aboriginal Corporation, emphasized the transformative potential of the partnership in rejuvenating songlines and restoring ecosystem health. She underscored the cultural significance of the project in passing down knowledge and fulfilling custodial obligations for future generations.

The collaboration with Esperance Tjaltjraak is a testament to L’Oréal’s global sustainability roadmap, ‘L’Oréal for the Future’, which prioritizes environmental regeneration and social inclusion. By leveraging its extensive brand portfolio and international reach, L’Oréal Groupe aims to create positive impacts on a global scale while fostering partnerships that honor Indigenous culture and heritage.

As part of its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, L’Oréal Groupe remains committed to deepening its engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, supporting their journey towards self-determination. With a dedicated focus on creating beauty that transcends borders and cultures, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand continues to champion initiatives that promote sustainability, inclusion, and positive social change.

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Source: https://nit.com.au/19-12-2023/9084/traditional-owners-loreal-groupe-partner-in-western-australian-biodiversity-restoration-project

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