HomeExploring First Nations History: Sydney Harbour Kayaks Introduces Indigenous Art KayaksArtExploring First Nations History: Sydney Harbour Kayaks Introduces Indigenous Art Kayaks

Exploring First Nations History: Sydney Harbour Kayaks Introduces Indigenous Art Kayaks

Exploring First Nations History: Sydney Harbour Kayaks Introduces Indigenous Art Kayaks

Sydney Harbour Kayaks enthusiasts now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the deep First Nations history of the harbor through two new kayaks adorned with stunning Indigenous artwork. Exploring First Nations History: Sydney Harbour Kayaks Introduces Indigenous Art Kayaks

The captivating designs featured on the kayaks were crafted by Indigenous artist and curator, Tyson Frigo, drawing inspiration from the profound Indigenous connection to country.

Frigo explained that each of the two unique designs holds its own individual meaning and story, inviting kayakers to embark on a journey of discovery.

“The designs symbolize how through kayaking, like traveling in a Nawi, or via any means of travel really, we are reminded to move with purpose and mindfulness with destination in mind, gentle yet direct,” Frigo expressed.

The first kayak, named Weaver, is adorned with silver and ultramarine blue hues, depicting a river of silver stars cascading from a full moon onto the water’s surface, where symbols representing a mother whale and her calf can be found. This design beautifully captures the connection between the sky and the water, symbolizing the vastness and expansiveness of the harbor under the stars.

In contrast, the second kayak, Hunter, features ochre red and yellow tones and is inspired by the concepts of direction and focus. The design portrays a spear raised to Grandfather Sun as he traverses the sky, with diamonds and curving patterns wrapping around the stern. Additionally, a singular speared fish symbolizes triumph and determination, adding depth to the narrative.

Shannon O’Brien, Managing Director of Sydney Harbour Kayaks, highlighted how these kayaks serve as a gateway to First Nations storytelling, offering participants a deeper understanding of the harbor’s rich Indigenous history.

“As we tour the harbor, we get a chance not only to tell contemporary stories of the harbor but we can also introduce the deep and rich First Nations history that the harbor has witnessed,” O’Brien noted. “We view the harbor from a vantage point that Gadigal and Cammeraygal people have seen for centuries.”

Daryl Karp, Director and CEO of the Australian National Maritime Museum, emphasized the value of this initiative in promoting further exploration and connecting visitors to the museum’s storytelling.

“This wonderful partnership with Sydney Harbour Kayaks provides us with an opportunity that connects visitors to the richness of our offering,” Karp stated. “The harbor’s human history is millennia old, and providing a chance to introduce this history to visitors is invaluable.”

The two kayaks are now part of Sydney Harbour Kayaks’ fleet at the museum, offering an engaging way for participants to delve into the harbor’s Indigenous heritage. Bookings can be made via the Australian National Maritime Museum website, inviting adventure-seekers to experience the harbor’s history from a new perspective.

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Source: https://nit.com.au/01-02-2024/9573/indigenous-stories-from-bow-to-stern-on-sydney-harbour-kayaks

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