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Tiwi footballers receive Essendon opportunity

Tiwi footballers receive Essendon opportunity

In a significant display of talent and community connection, three Tiwi Islands footballers are set to grace the field for Essendon’s VFL team in a clash against the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) representative team. Kim Kantilla, Brendan Kantilla, and Karlson Kantilla have earned their spots in the Bombers’ 24-man squad, showcasing their exceptional form in the local competition for the Tiwi Bombers. Tiwi footballers receive Essendon opportunity

Tiwi footballers receive Essendon opportunity

Tiwi Talent on Display:

Kim Kantilla, a dynamic forward with State League experience from his time with SANFL club South Adelaide, has been a standout performer. With 20 goals in 12 games during the 2023/24 NTFL season, including a remarkable five-goal haul against Palmerston, Kim Kantilla brings a potent attacking force to Essendon’s lineup.

Brendan Kantilla, newly appointed as the Bombers’ skipper, has enjoyed a career-best season, averaging 21 disposals and contributing more than a goal per game. His leadership on the field has been instrumental in guiding the Tiwi Bombers.

A Rising Star:

Karlson Kantilla, a surprise packet in the competition, made his NTFL Premier League debut at the start of the season. With six appearances in the Bombers’ best players list out of 12 games, Karlson Kantilla has swiftly proven himself as a rising star in the football scene.

Essendon’s Commitment to Tiwi Connection:

Essendon CEO Craig Vozzo expressed the club’s excitement about strengthening ties with the Tiwi community, stating, “The Tiwi Islands hold a special place at Essendon, and we are thrilled to be heading north.” The move is seen as an opportunity to enhance connections with the Next Generation Academy Zone, Tiwi Bombers, and the wider Northern Territory.

Tiwi Bombers president Lindsay Whiting echoed the sentiment, highlighting the significance of providing opportunities for emerging Tiwi talent. The Tiwi community is eagerly anticipating Essendon’s VFL and VFLW teams’ presence in the Northern Territory.

Women’s Game Highlights Tiwi Talent:

In the women’s game, five Tiwi women – Maria Rioli, Freda Puruntatameri, Kimberly Cunningham, Jamie Lee Puautjimi, and Gloriana Luta – will proudly wear the Red and Black jumper for Essendon’s team. Maria Rioli, daughter of the late Maurice Rioli, had an outstanding debut NTFL season, winning the Bombers’ best-and-fairest award and earning a spot in the NTFL Women’s representative team.

As Tiwi talent takes center stage in Essendon’s VFL clash, the occasion not only celebrates their prowess on the field but also strengthens the bond between Essendon and the Tiwi community. The spotlight on Kim, Brendan, and Karlson Kantilla, alongside the Tiwi women, underscores the rich football culture and emerging talent from the iconic Tiwi Islands.

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