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A Deep-Dive Into Darwin With Indigenous Fashion Designer Liandra Gaykamangu

A Deep-Dive Into Darwin With Indigenous Fashion Designer Liandra Gaykamangu

Liandra Swimwear, the innovative Australian label founded by Liandra Gaykamangu in 2018, has been making waves in the fashion industry with its distinctive features – reversible designs, bold prints, and a commitment to sustainability. Beyond creating stylish swimwear, Liandra Swimwear stands out for fostering collaborations between renowned fashion professionals and Aboriginal individuals from remote communities, paving the way for meaningful opportunities within the industry. As the brand prepares to unveil its new resort wear collection, we catch up with Liandra Gaykamangu to explore the roots of her inspiration, the brand’s commitment to sustainability, and her favorite spots in Darwin, the tropical capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. A Deep-Dive Into Darwin With Indigenous Fashion Designer Liandra Gaykamangu

Growing Up as a Water Baby:

Liandra Gaykamangu shares her coastal upbringing, split between Wollongong and the Northern Territory. Her love for water activities, particularly surfing, became a family tradition, symbolizing birthdays and holidays spent catching waves together. This water-centric lifestyle laid the foundation for Liandra’s affinity towards swimwear design.

Indigenous Heritage and Cultural Influence:

Liandra emphasizes that her label is a genuine reflection of her upbringing, combining cultural perspectives and family ties to East Arnhem in the Northern Territory. Choosing swimwear as a focus allows her to celebrate high-quality materials while also highlighting and preserving indigenous culture. The designs capture the essence of her heritage and showcase the beauty of Australia’s Aboriginal artistry.

Sustainability as a Priority:

Liandra Swimwear has been a pioneer in sustainable fashion, utilizing fabrics made from regenerated plastics and recycled elastane. Liandra discusses her early commitment to sustainability, emphasizing that consumer interest has driven positive change in the industry. The brand’s eco-friendly approach extends to home-decomposable shipping materials and plant-based packaging made from cassava root starch.

A Chat Poolside in Darwin:

In a relaxed poolside conversation, Liandra shares her excitement for the upcoming resort wear collection, featuring light, flowy kaftans and linen separates designed for easy wear from beach to brunch to the evening. The conversation delves into Liandra’s personal preferences, from her go-to coffee spot at Eva’s Café in Darwin’s Botanical Gardens to her top pick for a date-night spot, the Sail Darwin sunset cruise.

Exploring Darwin’s Culinary Delights:

Liandra recommends trying the famous laksa in Darwin, with a special mention of the Parap Village Markets for their hot, tropical dishes infused with Southeast Asian flavors. She also reminisces about her love for mud crab, a delicacy from her hometown, and highlights the joy of gathering the whole family for this culinary experience.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

Liandra concludes the conversation by expressing her excitement for the upcoming ready-to-wear collection, featuring versatile pieces designed for everyday wear and resort occasions. Her enthusiasm radiates as she looks forward to showcasing the new collection, hinting at light, flowy designs that can effortlessly transition from day to night.

As Liandra Swimwear continues to blend fashion, culture, and sustainability, it remains a beacon of inspiration within the industry, offering a unique and authentic perspective on style and identity.

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