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Sea Bubs is the new swimwear brand with a First Nations focus

Sea Bubs is the new swimwear brand with a First Nations focus

Australia is witnessing a unique splash in the swimwear industry with Sea Bubs, an Indigenous-founded brand dedicated to producing trendy and sun-safe swimwear for babies and children. Founded by Barama Blow and his partner, Sea Bubs emerged from the frustration of finding limited and suitable swimwear options for their newborn. Sea Bubs is the new swimwear brand with a First Nations focus

The journey began when Blow and his family, residing on Bunurong land in Narm, decided to fill the gap in the market by creating something different and unique. Focused on providing both style and sun protection, Sea Bubs has quickly gained attention for its distinctive approach to children’s swimwear.

Founder Barama Blow expressed his passion for creating something unique and meaningful. “Creating a business and something unique to share with the world is something I’ve always wanted to do. Swimwear was the first real vision I could see that had a lot of potential,” said Blow. The positive feedback received so far reflects the brand’s success in offering a fresh and much-needed perspective in children’s fashion.

Sea Bubs stands out not only for its stylish designs but also for its commitment to collaborating with First Nations artists from various regions. Blow shared that the selection process involves a feeling of intuition and trust. “I follow many First Nations artists, and we find the one that best meets our brand and who we want to represent us as much as us representing them,” he explained.

The latest Sea Bubs collection is a testament to this collaboration, featuring artwork by Yorta Yorta artist Alkina Edwards. The designs, including “Whale Dreaming,” “Hammer Head Shark,” and “Aboriginal Waters,” convey powerful messages about respect, love, and nurture.

Discussing Sea Bubs’ future plans, Blow revealed exciting developments in the works, aiming to transform the brand into a household name. “We really want Sea Bubs to be a brand more than just selling swimwear. We have started with matching sets but we do want to bring out a winter range and more clothing options,” he said.

As Sea Bubs sets its sights on continuous growth, with plans to release two new pieces each year, 2024 promises to be a year of expansion and heightened recognition for the brand. With the public already buzzing about Sea Bubs, the Indigenous-founded swimwear brand is poised to make significant waves in the children’s fashion industry.

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