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Indigenous business awarded contract for landmark Pilbara FIFO resort

Indigenous business awarded contract for landmark Pilbara FIFO resort

In a significant move towards inclusive business practices, Mineral Resources has awarded a four-year contract to Indigenous firm BriJarCass Security for resort-style accommodation at its flagship Onslow Iron project in the Pilbara. Indigenous business awarded contract for landmark Pilbara FIFO resort.

The initial phase of the contract involves BriJarCass providing utilities for the luxurious 500-room Ken’s Bore Resort, located in the picturesque Ashburton region. The resort is part of Mineral Resources’ groundbreaking initiative to offer unprecedented accommodation for employees, setting a new standard for the fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) lifestyle.

Mineral Resources has acquired 10 lots at Barrada Estate in Onslow, each spanning a minimum of 600 square meters, as part of this transformative project. Construction is already underway for the 500-room Ken’s Bore Resort and the 250-room Onslow Resort. The company aims to enhance the quality of accommodation to attract more families to the coastal town and foster diversity within its workforce.

BriJarCass, based in Onslow and dedicated to providing employment for Indigenous people since 2010, is poised to experience accelerated growth through this four-year contract. The company, with a particular focus on the Thalanyji people, anticipates creating at least nine new roles under this agreement.

Hayley Hayes, Project Manager at BriJarCass, expressed optimism about the company’s future, saying, “We are looking forward to expanding and can’t wait for the future, which is looking really bright.”

Mineral Resources Communities and Heritage General Manager, Heath Nelson, affirmed the company’s commitment to engaging Indigenous businesses. He stated, “MinRes is committed to supporting Indigenous companies and building long-term relationships with tangible outcomes.”

Mineral Resources’ innovative approach includes the construction of resort-style pods, fabricated by remote housing specialists The Complete Group. These facilities aim to entice employees, particularly those with families, to relocate to Onslow, enriching the local community.

In addition to resort-style accommodation, the project encompasses multi-purpose sports facilities, mini golf, a golf simulator, fitness park, wellness loop with a running track, and an à la carte restaurant. To further incentivize relocation, Mineral Resources is also building ten four-bedroom homes featuring outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, boat storage areas, and waterwise gardens.

Mineral Resources’ Onslow Iron project stands out for its commitment to sustainability, featuring world-first autonomous road trains, dust-free transport, and resort-style workforce accommodation. The project, set to be completed by the end of the year, will unlock vast iron ore deposits in the west Pilbara region, with an estimated mine life of at least 30 years.

In October, Mineral Resources awarded a $24 million contract to Indigenous-owned business Djeleanna for exploration earthworks at the Ken’s Bore mine site, reinforcing the company’s dedication to engaging Indigenous businesses in its ventures. The Robe River Kuruma people, traditional owners of the land where the Ken’s Bore mine site is located, will benefit from this partnership.

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