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Clearly Music, Arts and Wellness Festival to spotlight First Nations creatives

Clearly Music, Arts and Wellness Festival to spotlight First Nations creatives

Taking place in the coastal town of Kiama, this week Clearly Music, Arts and Wellness Festival to spotlight First Nations creatives.

On the waterfront of Kiama showground, this all-ages music festival will showcase a diverse range of artists and creatives.

Clearly Festival highlights top First Nations creatives: Xavier Rudd, Emily Wurramara, and Aunty Gwen leading the welcome to country.

“Clearly Music, Arts & Wellness Festival and the Clearer Workshop will provide a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their talents and connect with audiences from all over. We can’t wait to see the positive impact this festival will have on the community this year and in the years to come,” he said.

Clearly Music, Arts and Wellness Festival to spotlight First Nations creatives

“I am so excited to be a part of the Clearly team, my job is to make sure that sustainability is a core foundation as we continue to build the festival. Dharawal Country is such a beautiful part of Australia and it is really important to us that we respect the land, and take care of the land,” said Clearly Festival co-founder Charlee Fraser.

Cleary Festival celebrates First Nation’s creatives, pledging $1 from each ticket to support We Are Warriors.

Beyond traditional live music, the annual event features a 1-day Clearer Workshop, guided by industry leaders.

The workshop, a public conference and learning experience, will be at Kiama’s Pavilion on November tenth.

Crafted for musicians, performers, songwriters, rappers, producers, and DJs, the diverse lineup provides industry insights and career growth opportunities.

Furber and Be Here Nowra founder Barron Hanson jointly express their intentions for the Clearer Workshop in a statement.

“Clearer Workshop will provide emerging artists with a unique opportunity to gain industry insights, build valuable networks, and develop the skills needed to succeed in their careers. Through this exciting initiative, we are committed to supporting the growth of aspiring artists and fostering a sense of wellbeing and strength within the creative community.”

Cleary awards ten Clearer Scholarships to regional artists, emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality in their commitment.
Clearer Scholarship recipients receive covered transport, accommodation, support on Clearly’s platforms, and leave with a fully formed press kit. Alira Morgan and Paul Knox are two First Nations winners who have recently been awarded with this scholarship.

“We believe in nurturing talent and providing equal opportunities for artists from all backgrounds. By offering these scholarships, we aim to support emerging artists on their journey towards success while fostering an environment of inclusivity and diversity within the Workshop,” said Clearly and Clearer co-founder Dom Furber.

Clearly Festival will take place at Kiama Showgrounds on November 11, 2023.

Clearly Music, Arts & Wellness Festival is made possible with a range of integral industry partnerships, including AIMENatural NecessityBe Here NowraBaseline HappinessWerri Beach Boardriders ClubRainbow South Coast and more.

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