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Largest Aboriginal town’s music fest marks 10 years

Australia’s largest Aboriginal community, Yarrabah, hosted the 10th Yarrabah Music and Cultural Festival, continuing a century-old tradition. Largest Aboriginal town’s music fest marks 10 years. The festival showcased stars like Jessica Mauboy and Electric Fields, headlining a diverse and impressive lineup.

Mauboy and Electric Fields brought star power, yet special recognition went to the beloved local Yarrabah Brass Band. This orchestra, originally established in 1911, played a pivotal role in sparking the formation of the festival a decade ago.

Mayor Ross Andrews highlighted the festival’s importance to the Yarrabah community. We celebrate both visitors and art, culture, and music in our community. They’re important and they’re also part of our healing, so we look forward to this event every year.”

The Yarrabah Music and Cultural Festival showcases Indigenous culture in the tropical paradise of Yarrabah. It’s a testament to the strength, culture, and history of First Nations people in Australia. The festival took place just a week before the referendum on implementing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament within the Australian Constitution, making it a timely and symbolic celebration of Indigenous excellence and unity.

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Source: https://countrycaller.com.au/2023/10/11/largest-aboriginal-towns-music-fest-marks-10-years/

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