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Footy Fever in the Heart of Australia: The APY League Grand Final

In the vast heartland of Australia, where red-dirt ovals stretch as far as the eye can see, there’s a football competition unlike any other. The APY League Grand Final is a remarkable event that captures the spirit of remote communities, drawing teams from across the region to compete in a rugged landscape that covers nearly 200,000 square kilometers.y

This year, the Pukatja Magpies faced off against the Finke Crows in a showdown that brought communities together in anticipation. For the uninitiated, there were no Welcome to Country ceremonies—here, they simply get straight into the game.

Spectators, many traveling hundreds of kilometers in vehicles that seem barely roadworthy, converged on Pukatja for the grand final, which is the biggest annual event in this remote part of the country. Four-wheel drives and children’s faces painted in team colors created a vibrant atmosphere akin to AFL clubs Collingwood and Adelaide.

However, the remote setting brought unique challenges. Outsiders need permits to enter the APY Lands, where tourists cannot simply pass through. The Pukatja Roadhouse faced demands it hadn’t seen before.

At the ground, there were no queues for food or drink because none were for sale. There was no merchandise, grandstand, or electronic scoreboard—everything operated by hand. Pre-match entertainment included iconic tunes like “Waltzing Matilda” and “Eye of The Tiger.”

As with any Australian football grand final, players stood united during the National Anthem, although the desolate silence highlighted the absence of beer—a stark contrast to typical sporting events. Alcohol is banned throughout the APY Lands, with strict measures in place to control its presence.

Extra police were flown in to oversee the crowd of over 1,000, doubling Pukatja’s usual population. This remote community, formerly known as Ernabella, is nestled near the South Australia-Northern Territory border, far from the coastal cities, and part of the vast APY Lands.

The APY Lands, an area returned to its traditional owners in 1981, encompass 103,000 square kilometers, an expanse larger than South Korea. Pukatja is one of seven main communities within the APY Lands, home to a population primarily composed of Indigenous residents.

Across the border in the Northern Territory, Finke—a settlement that’s geographically closest to the center of Australia—remains deeply connected to its historical name. It’s a small community with a big football presence, contributing to the unique charm of the APY League Grand Final.

In this remote corner of the world, the APY League Grand Final is more than a football game; it’s a celebration of culture, community, and resilience in the heart of the Australian Outback

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/sep/25/theyre-loved-here-as-well-footy-fever-grips-wa-ahead-of-first-ever-perth-afl-grand-final

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