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Guula Gimbay: Cultivating Eco-Warriors Among Preschoolers for Koala Conservation

Arlene Mehan, a Biripai woman pursuing her PhD, has taken a unique approach to koala conservation. She created the Guula Gimbay program, designed to educate preschoolers about the importance of protecting these iconic creatures.

Over a span of four weeks, Arlene and Birpai nation Aboriginal educators engage with preschool children. They explore the sounds of the land, learn songs in the Gathang language accompanied by dance movements, and discover how to spot signs of koalas, known as “guula” in Gathang.

Guula Gimbay leverages Aboriginal ecological knowledge, song, and dance to instill a deep understanding of koalas and the responsibility of safeguarding them. The ultimate goal is to nurture the next generation as eco-warriors, instilling a lifelong commitment to conservation.

Aunty Rhonda Radley, a Birpai elder managing the program, emphasizes the importance of starting with the youngest members of the community to build future leaders. The innovative use of gestures in Gathang songs adds a dynamic element to the learning experience, making it engaging and memorable for the children.

Guula Gimbay is not just about protecting koalas; it’s about sowing the seeds of environmental stewardship in young hearts, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-06-04/indigenous-dance-song-program-inspire-koala-conservation/102407204

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